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Foundry Networks and Brocade

Foundry Networks was a supplier of high performance L2/3 and L4-7 network infrastructure technology to service providers and enterprises. The business was sold to Brocade in 2008.



  • We were originally hired in 2000 to boost Foundry Networks’ profile with press and analysts across Europe. The incumbent agency had failed to do this. Spinning wheels no forward motion was the criticism.
  • Our task was to position Foundry Networks as a credible alternative to Cisco Systems, with leadership in 10 gigabit Ethernet networking.
  • We implemented leadership and endorsement programmes to generate coverage. This involved a range of work: supplement sponsorship, profiles of senior managers, a European executive roadshow to launch products and promote an analyst report, press relationship building events, panel debate organisation and drafting customer win announcements.
  • We were instrumental in hiring specialist European PR agencies in France, Germany, Holland, Italy and managing the whole PR team
  • After the Brocade acquisition, we were appointed to manage all UK customer story development which expanded to include Europe, too. This involved interviewing customers in various vertical sectors and drafting content focused on Ethernet Fabric technology and SAN switching.
  • We worked for Foundry Networks/Brocade in total for around eight years.


  • We boosted Foundry Networks’ coverage massively over our tenure. Between 2003 and 2004, coverage increased 48%. 2005 and 2006 were hugely dominated by product announcements.  In 2005 alone, the UK team generated 128 clippings and, across Europe, 109 interviews were organised.
  • We shifted gear in 2007 to write and issue many customer announcements. Broader PR programmes were created around those willing to engage. For example, we staged press briefing days with City Hall, Birmingham University and The British Library where the respective IT teams met with key journalists. This generated in-depth coverage.
  • We organised fun events too hiring a whole cinema in 2002 for a private screening of Lord of the Rings for press and channel sales partners. Weta Digital, the digital effects firm on the film, was a Foundry customer.
  • We won Foundry Networks’ internal Award for PR Excellence in 2007 for executing effective PR campaigns and promoting the Foundry brand. This followed a hugely successful project with the CIO of property company, Capital & Regional Plc, who briefed press about his IT strategy.
  • We achieved a Net Promoter Score of 9 out 10 working at all levels of the business from Bobby Johnson, the CEO, down to individual sales staff.