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Navicore was a mobile phone-based GPS system running on handsets and Internet tablets using the Symbian OS.  The business was sold to Wayfinder in 2007 who in turn was acquired by Vodafone some months later.


  • We were hired to launch Navicore in June 2005. Headquartered in Finland, Navicore was a completely new GPS brand in the UK market invisible behind key competitors.
  • We carried out a broad programme to educate and excite the market to quickly promote them. This included:
  • Five media briefing days encompassing IT, lifestyle, fashion, automotive, nationals and IT analysts. This involved an official launch (27 press attended) and then publisher visits. In total, 49 journalists were briefed around the launch.
  • Product placement and reviews management
  • Promotions set up with The Independent and The Evening Standard’s Big Bid Game which was a massive success given no cash was involved. For an investment of just 25 Nokia handsets and GPS kits, Navicore had five days of consecutive coverage in the ES along with advertising in The Metro and billboards around London.  Over 8,500 people entered.


  • Coverage from the launch activities was extensive. Navicore reached 4.7 million magazine readers and an online audience of 8.4 million unique users.
  • From a standing start – and based on excellent reviews about its GPS solution – Navicore was seen as a key player alongside established firms like Tom Tom, Co Pilot and Route 66.
  • After the initial launch, we ran PR for Navicore until the business was sold. This involved announcing further products, additional publisher visits, organising competitions and reviews, and working closely with Nokia itself.
  • In 2006, 76 journalists were briefed – up 34% on the total number in 2005 which was 56.
  • In 2006, Navicore’s coverage run rate was high – 170 clippings in total – with many magazine awards won such as a Which? Best Buy, What Mobile Award and a Stuff Best Buy.