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IBML is an American manufacturer of ultra-high volume document scanners and capture software along with AI solutions.  Impressive in their performance, the scanners will churn through 738 pages of A4 per minute – quite amazing when you see them operating at full speed.



  • Hired after the former MD of Kodak Alaris Document Imaging moved to become IBML’s CEO – a company incidentally we’d represented for 10 years – we provide all core PR activities and content creation in the UK, working closely at c-suite level providing day-to-day consultancy and delivery. There are no other local marketing staff.
  • This includes new product launches, corporate and product press releases, customer case studies and interview set up, article drafting and placement, LinkedIn posts and so on.


  • Given high speed scanning, capture and AI is a niche area for press to focus on at best, we have had to be very focused to get results. Article drafting and issues driven content has been the primary vehicle to generate coverage. We’ve written a whole range of articles and placed them in titles which take vendor contributed pieces. See an eBook with examples.
  • We launched the world’s fastest scanner in 2020 – the FUSiON series – setting up appointments with DM, IT and reseller magazines along with industry analysts, Gartner and IDC. Coverage was very positive. Have a read.
  • We did the same again when IBML launched a SaaS cloud native capture platform in 2021. See the results.
  • We’ve produced a three minute film to showcase the scanners in use working with the NHS Business Services Authority. They process all UK prescriptions using 17 IBML machines and ICR software – that’s 45 million prescriptions per month from 11,500 pharmacies. That means 24-25,ooo prescriptions are digitised per hour during peak times. Watch the film.
  • We also set up a briefing day with the NHS Business Services Authority – where we briefed 10 journalists – to help them promote the launch of scanning services to the wider NHS. See the results.